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Online Membership Database

In order for a business to be successful, it needs customers. In order to understand how a potential customer finds you and how many convert to paying customers, you need contact management software to record your interactions with them and the results.

Our online customer relationship management software systems provide a solution to this. Each system we build is custom and we work closely with a business to understand their unique needs and business goals.

The features / functionality are specific to each system we build. They can include:

  • Entering new leads / prospects
  • Recording notes against a prospect
  • Setup tasks with reminders for followups
  • Helping you to identify the most important records to you, e.g. prospects most likely to convert
  • Reports on conversions
  • Automated email followups
  • Sending out marketing emails

In some cases, we can integrate our system with other systems to automate manual processes and speed up workflows. For example, an online enquiry can flow directly into a CRM system or a converted customer can have their records automatically transferred to the customer database to assign services to.

Past Projects involving CRM systems:

A potential and current customer analysis and reporting system which identifies the most important customers and integrates with an online shop we built for a lighting hardware supplier [more...]

We were asked to develop an online membership database for a gardeners' association [more...]