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Online Booking System

Holiday Cottage Bookings

We've developed online booking systems and online booking software for a variety of customers including cottage hire for property booking agencies and owners, conference organisers, event planners, wedding shows and catering hire businesses.

The features / functionality we build into an online booking system are specific to each business we work with. They can include:

  • View availability
  • Take bookings and collect different information depending on who is booking and what is being booked
  • Issue tickets and confirmation of bookings
  • Take payment online including deposit / balance split and staged payments
  • Online admin system to see bookings made and download records

The concept of an online booking system has many uses including:

  • An online appointment booking system
  • A meeting room booking system
  • A restaurant booking system
  • A parents evening booking system
  • Salon appointment software
  • Staff scheduling
  • Other resource scheduling needs

Past Projects involving Online Booking Systems:

A holiday cottage booking system that shows availability, takes bookings and payments for several properties [more...]

An online bookings management system for a property booking agency which took bookings and automatically calculated commission and payment due to owners [more...]