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Web Based Databases / Online Databases

Band Hire Database

Businesses store an increasing amount of detail about their potential, current and previous customers, services and suppliers.

In order for this to be usable / searchable and sharable between staff and customers, it needs to be stored in a structured format.

Typically, business use a spreadsheet for this to begin with and over time their needs outgrow the ability for the spreadsheet to be able to deliver a result in a quick and reliable manner.

Our web based databases provide a solution to this. We work closely with a business to understand their unique needs and business goals. As a database developer, we can provide database design and database development to create an online database which helps their business.

In addition, system integration can be setup so information flows from one section of a database to another. For example, details of sales can be used by accounts to raise invoices against.

Past Projects involving web based database development:

We were asked to build an easy to use mechanism to allow staff to add, update and remove current properties online which can be searched against and enquired about. We also asked to build an online management and accounts system allowing staff to monitor and share information relating to villa bookings and sales. The system is to replace their shared Microsoft Excel spreadsheet [more...]

We were asked to develop an online database for an band hire business [more...]

We were asked to develop an online membership database for a gardeners' association [more...]