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System Integration / Web Service Integration / API Integration

For some of our web application development projects, we are asked to integrate software systems together via APIs to automate an action with the goal of improving efficiency.

The ability to do this is very much dependent on the APIs (application programming interface) available for web services integration and the functionality they provide.

With system integration via APIs, you can setup workflows and processes such as:

  • Updating product lines on an ecommerce website automatically based on a separate product database
  • Sending orders from an ecommerce website to send to a different system for processing

Past Projects involving system integration:

API integration of an e-commerce website to multiple remote APIs for courier selection, data validation and automated submission of products to online marketplaces for a lighting hardware supplier [more...]

API integration to an internal CRM system for subscription submissions for an ecommerce website and digital download engine we built to a magazine publisher [more...]