By Dr. Ashley T. Howes
23 September 2019

Bespoke or Off the Shelf Software - What's Best for your Business?

Advantages and Disadvantages of Off the Shelf Software

The choice between bespoke and off the shelf software comes down to your business needs.

To help provide some guidance and help you compare which may be the best fit for your business, we've listed some of the advantages and disadvantages for your reference.

Off the shelf Software

Most software (online, desktop and mobile) is 'off the shelf'. It is designed as a general solution to the common challenges a business faces. The software provides the same features and functionality to each customer.

Advantages of off the Shelf software:
  • Initial lower cost
  • Quicker to get going

Disadvantages of off the Shelf software:
  • Requires you to adapt your business to how the software works
  • Features / functionality can't be changed

Bespoke or Custom Software

Bespoke software is created specifically for the unique requirements of a business. This means the features / functionality are setup to assist your business and work with your existing business processes and services.

Advantages of bespoke software
  • Competitive advantage
  • Save time, improve efficiency and customer ervice

Disadvantages of bespoke software
  • Requires larger investment in resource / time / planning
  • Ongoing support / maintenance

Which is Best for Your Business?

It depends on your business and your needs and experiences.

Some new businesses will choose an 'off the shelf' solution to start with. Other new businesses will choose a bespoke solution - especially if their needs aren't catered for with existing 'off the shelf' solutions or they are offering a new product / service which requires new software to be created for it.

Most established business will move to a bespoke solution over time as they grow and see the advantages it provides.

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