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By Dr. Ashley T. Howes
11 October 2018

A recent change to Google Chrome means your company website could be telling your site visitors that it's insecure!

Does Your Company Website Show 'Not Secure'?

If you haven't looked at your company website for a while you may notice something alarming when using the most popular browser software (approx 60%) - Google Chrome. It may be telling your site visitors your company website is 'not secure'.

The reason for this is because a recent change in the Google Chrome software is marking all websites not using an SSL certificate / HTTPS as 'not secure'.

To see if you are affected, follow these steps:

  • Open Google Chrome
  • Enter the URL of your company website
  • Look at the area to the left of your website address

If it says 'Not secure', you need to make some changes:

  • Get an SSL certificate installed on your website
  • Make sure redirects are setup so HTTPS is used
  • Make sure you have no mixed content (this is where both a combination of HTTPS and HTTP is used on the pages / content on your website)

You need to get this in place as soon as possible as the October 2018 version of Chrome (version 70) will start highlighting this further to site visitors by showing a red 'not secure' message when data is entered on forms which don't use HTTPS. For example, the contact form on your website.

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