By Dr. Ashley T. Howes
27 July 2016

Advantages of bespoke software including helping businesses save time, improve productivity, improve customer service and launch new products and services

Advantages of Bespoke Software to Improve Your Business

Bespoke software is software developed for the specific needs of your business. There are many advantages of bespoke software:
  • The software works to help your business instead of getting in the way
  • Competitive advantage
  • Save time, improve efficiency and customer service

For our solutions, we specialise in web-based bespoke software. The solution we develop is built to help a business to offer a service or improve a business activity or process. The bespoke software is based on the individual requirements of the business we work with. Because of this, each web-based software solution can vary widely in terms of functionality and features.

Scenarios where web-based software solutions can help include, but are not limited to:
  • Take online orders with ecommerce and online quotation engines
  • Improve sales efficiency and close more deals with client relationship and sales management systems
  • Share information between staff with searchable online databases
  • Replace or enhance a paper-based process with an online system to benefit from automation
  • Improve and support employee training with e-learning and online training systems
  • Organise and spend less time searching for assets with digital asset and document management engines
  • Improve employee hiring with online recruitment engines
  • Analyse and cross-reference data from different systems to enhance reporting and decision making
  • Streamline the publication of information with content management systems and online publication engines

Our bespoke software solutions help businesses to:
  • Explore new markets
  • Offer new services
  • Improve staff productivity and efficiency
  • Enhance customer services

We are a web application developer in Norwich.

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