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We use a carefully planned approach in all our projects and we go through several stages:

  • Listen and Understand How Your Unique Business Operates
    Each business is unique and you know your business best. First we seek to understand your business processes and needs to see how can help. Everything must start there. Only once these are understood can we define goals to build an effective solution for your business and measure success against it.

  • Develop a Plan
    Based on the requirements we will determine a plan. The plan will detail what the project will involve, timescales and responsibilities for each party involved. You will receive a detailed estimate / specification which describes the features / functionality to be delivered.

  • Implementation
    Following your approval to go-head, we implement the solution. During implementation we provide weekly updates and milestones which will require your feedback and we will expect you to get involved in testing / using the solution during development (if applicable). We will also work with you during development on fixing any bugs. The project is considered delivered after the last milestone.

  • Training
    Training should be minimal as we keep you updated and detail any new features / functionality in the solution as we build it.

  • Support
    Our solutions are installed on servers which your business rents directly. This means you are in control of the solution and responsible for backups.

    Our involvement after implementation is typically on an ad-hoc basis. For example, the customer may want new features / functionality added or things changed or changes to the underlying technology require updates to be made.

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Why Choose Us?

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We've been in business for 13 years and have successfully delivered many projects on time. Read about our case studies

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We speak in plain english and work closely with business owners to understand your unique needs and requirements

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We supply clear and easy to interpret estimates which you agree to before we proceed

Meet Our Founder

Photo of Dr. Ashley T. Howes

You will be working directly with the founder of our business - Dr Ashley T. Howes - who graduated from UEA with a Ph.D. in Computer Science. He analyses your specific needs and uses his 25 years of experience as a web developer and his 22 years of experience as a software consultant to advise on the best approach to create a solution to help you succeed