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Past Project: ECommerce Website for Gardener's Association

ECommerce Website for Association

The challenge

We were asked to develop a multi-currency ecommerce website for a gardener's association.

The solution

Working with a graphic design business, we discussed and advised different approaches to develop a multi-currency ecommerce website.

Following agreement on features and functionality, we develop a bespoke ecommerce engine with an online browser-based admin area to allow them to add, update and remove products / categories and process orders.

Products can be hidden / shown in one-click and their order specified for display to the site visitor.

A max number per purchase can be specified, along with extra email notification addresses per product when an order is raised to cater for the distributed nature of their membership and regional organisers.

Product pricing is setup to handle three separate currencies and two payment options: full payment or deposit / balance with automated email reminders for balance collection.

We also developed an online form for membership applications. If the prospect is approved, it allows them to be assigned a specific product in the online store which allows them to quickly purchase membership based on qualifying criteria.

They have received over 300 new applications and taken over 1100 orders.

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