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Past Project: Online Membership Database for Gardener's Association

Online Database for Association Membership

The challenge

To streamline the membership system of an association.

The solution

We reviewed an existing Microsoft Access database containing membership records / reports and built an online membership application which streamlined and improved the information handling at their organisation.

The process of membership starts with the candidate filling in a detailed online form. Relevant members of the association are informed of the submission and they return to the online application to review the candidate. If approved, the candidate is assigned a membership level and sent an email to purchase an annual membership. Following this, they are automatically added to the list of paid for members.

For each member, the system stores personal information along with gender, age range, region, when added and when updated. This allows the membership secretary and other regional organisers to login and run reports based on their needs.

Each member can access their details online and submit any changes in their details directly to the membership database. This helps reduce admin overhead on the organisation and ensure no transcription errors are made.

When it comes time to renew the membership each year, all members are automatically informed renewals are due and instructions on what to do. When payment is made online, their membership details are automatically updated and their membership extended.

The membership database is also used by the publisher of the quarterly magazine sent to members. They log in to a separate part of the system and download addresses and a list of new / updated members for the preceding quarter to place in the magazine.

The results

700+ new applications for membership and 2000+ orders

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