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Past Project: Development of Online Publication Engine for Heritage Guide Publisher

Database Publishing for Heritage Guides

The challenge

We were asked to simplify the creation and generation of heritage guides.

The solution

Based on our success with simplifying the creation and generation of tourist guides, we were asked by a publisher to setup a similar system for two heritage guides.

As before we decided to task the owners of the properties with the responsibility of editing their own entry.

The online system collected information from the owners and sent it back to the publisher for processing.

It also allows property owners to purchase different formats for entries and view an online proof of their publication entry for sign off.

An extensive admin and sales online backend system was setup to allow for imports, reporting, XML output (for print and website publication) and track progress of each entry.

The online system helped streamline the production of the guides by ensuring all stake holders were informed of changes made to each entry by the owner.

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