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  • How much is my bespoke business software / website going to cost?
    It depends. The price is based on our time and the features / functionality required. As you might expect, the longer it takes, the higher the cost.

    Typically our costs start at:
    £1,500+VAT for a website
    £2,500+VAT for an ecommerce website

    £2,000+VAT for system / API integration
    £5,000+VAT for a bespoke software solution

    We supply an estimate for each project, so the clearer the requirements, the more accurate this can be.

  • How much are the ongoing costs for our bespoke business software?
    It depends. All solutions will require server rental costs and subscriptions to relevant services which are required by the solution.

    Our ongoing costs depend on our involvement. Some customers pay us a fee each month for support / maintenance / updates. Some customers find ad-hoc support is the best fit for them and call on us only when new features / functionality or changes are required.

    We can discuss options and pricing for support as part of the project discussion.

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Why Choose Us?

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We've been in business for 13 years and have successfully delivered many projects on time. Read about our case studies

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We speak in plain english and work closely with business owners to understand your unique needs and requirements

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We supply clear and easy to interpret estimates which you agree to before we proceed

Meet Our Founder

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You will be working directly with the founder of our business - Dr Ashley T. Howes - who graduated from UEA with a Ph.D. in Computer Science. He analyses your specific needs and uses his 25 years of experience as a web developer and his 22 years of experience as a software consultant to advise on the best approach to create a solution to help you succeed