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Development of Online Database for Music Agency

Need advice on how websites / web applications may be able to help your business?

Some of our customers approach us with goals in mind for their website / web application, but are unsure what is possible, what to expect, what budget to allocate and the affect it will have on their business.

We help them by:

  • Discussing strategy, scope, feasibility and expected outcomes
  • Determining initial and ongoing budget
  • Analysing existing business processes, products and services
  • Agreeing a specification with stake-holders and decision-makers for the features / functionality so requirements are clear and concise before development begins
  • Agreeing a plan and determining a timeframe for delivery of the solution
  • Ensuring the customer tests the solution during development so they understand how it meets their needs and can provide feedback
  • Training end staff on the delivered solution
  • Discussing options for supporting / improving the solution after delivery based on ongoing / changing business requirements

As our work is bespoke, one project can be very different from another and we evaluate each project before determining if we can help.

Trends we see repeatedly include:

  • Converting paper-based processes to digital workflows saving time and making data collection and sharing easier for staff, customers and suppliers
  • Replacing spreadsheets with web-based applications / databases
  • Using scripting / automation to increase efficiency and reduce manual errors
  • Building digital tools such as SaaS (software as a service) to launch new products / services

Past Projects involving consultancy services

Database Publishing System for Tourist Guides  

We were asked to streamline the production of printed tourist guides by changing a paper-based process into a digital one. [more...]

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