Web Application Development of Online Database for Music Agency

Looking to save time / improve productivity in your business or launch a new online product / service?

You may be looking to replace an old or ad-hoc solution, e.g. something paper-based or a spreadsheet, which no longer works or is inefficient due to growing demands. Or you may be looking to automate some business processes or are planning a new product / service and require a solution built from scratch based on your needs.

Developing a bespoke solution has several advantages including:

  • All features / functionality your business requires are setup and the software solution behaves the way you want
  • May lead to competitive advantage / improving your business productivity
  • Better return on investment

As all our web application development is bespoke, one project can be very different from another, and we evaluate each project before determining if we can help. Please get in contact with your needs to see if we can help your business.

Trends we see repeatedly include:

  • Online Information Management Systems / Intranets
  • Online Database Development
  • Third Party API Integration
  • Customer Management System Development to help track / manage projects / orders / customers / sales / invoices
  • Online Quotation Engine
  • Elearning System Development to educate / evaluate and deliver online training
  • Asset / Stock Management Systems
  • Booking System Development
  • Development of Digital Tools / Applications
  • Development of SaaS (software as a service) Products
  • Development of Online Platforms

Past Projects involving web application development services

Web Application Development of Online Database for Music Agency  

We were asked by a music booking agency to build an online management system to track their enquiries and bookings to improve efficiency as they grow. [more...]

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