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Do you find your online selling software doesn't work the way you want it to?
Many of our customers come to us when they have frustations with off-the-shelf solutions for selling online. They usually want to set up the solution in a different way to what their existing software allows and it feels like they are trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.

Our approach is different
We build a bespoke ecommerce system and ecommerce website tailored for the unique requirements of your business.

Our approach has many benefits including helping to reduce the administrative overhead for your business. As an example, we have built bespoke ecommerce systems and ecommerce websites that:

  • Handle VAT relief / declarations which integrate with the shopping process instead of feeling like an add-on
  • Work out complex shipping cost rules instead of applying a fixed price approximation
  • Tell you how much stock to buy based on purchases
  • Help you with packing lists which are based on your stock layout
  • Automatically communicate with couriers when you are packing orders for delivery
  • Allow you to run reports to identify customer trends and get insight into needs you may be missing out on

Our solutions are custom developed for each client
As all our solutions are bespoke, one project can be very different from another. Functionality we often build into a bespoke ecommerce system include:

  • Add, update and remove products and product options
  • Add, update and remove categories
  • Microsoft Word like toolbar to apply formatting, e.g. bold, italic, align left/middle/right
  • Add, update and remove delivery methods / charges
  • Run promotions / discounts and distribute coupon codes
  • Product search including capture of bad spelling and filtering of the results
  • Select featured products
  • Checkout with or without customer registration
  • Payment gateway integration, e.g. SagePay, WorldPay, PayPal, etc
  • Order management with email notification to site visitors
  • Setup links between pages and other sites
  • SEO-friendly page / URL structure

Past Projects involving bespoke ecommerce website development:

80,000+ orders through an online shop we built for a lighting hardware supplier [more...]

12,000+ orders through an online shop we built for a cosmetics supplier [more...]

We were asked to build a multi-currency online store for a gardener's association [more...]