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Mobile-Friendly Web Design

Responsive Web Design for Electronic Bidet Distributor

Does your website work properly on mobile devices?
Surprisingly many websites still don't work properly on mobile devices in 2017. Here are some key reasons why a business needs a mobile-friendly website in 2017:

  • More and more people are using mobile devices instead of desktops / laptops for viewing websites
  • If your website isn't setup to adapt to site visitors using mobile devices, the text may be too small to read and the links too close together, which makes it difficult for them to navigate and may make them leave your website
  • Back on 21st April 2015, Google started to boost the ranking of mobile-friendly pages on mobile search results. If your website doesn't pass their mobile friendly test, you may be missing out on potential business opportunities

Our approach
We use responsive web design for our website development. This is a method of building a website so it adapts based on the device the site visitor uses to consume your content. In this way, it's a responsive website and mobile website. It allows someone on a phone or tablet to be shown a different layout / options (based on available screen size) to someone on a desktop / laptop.

During your website build, we go through several stages:

  • Understanding Your Business
    First we seek to understand your business processes and needs. Everything must start there. With these goals defined, we can plan for them and measure success against them.

  • Understanding Your Audience
    We create a collection of user journeys to understand what each audience is looking for and scenarios to help you understand how someone will interact with your website. We prototype so we can advise on the best way to structure your solution and achieve the best usability.

  • Making Sure Your Website Speaks to Your Audience
    We work with you to understand what you want your website to provide and why and how this will help you achieve your goals. We examine your target audience(s) to determine their needs before we begin design and advise on what needs to be created to make sure your solution will work at it's best for them. We examine your competitors to see what they may be doing right and wrong.

  • Design
    Good layout / design is important to ensure your target audience(s), e.g. customers, potential customers, etc can find what they want easily when they want it. We make sure each design balances creative and functional needs and make sure to include a clear call to action for the user. This helps convert users who are potential customers into qualified leads that are interested in your services.

  • Need a CMS (Content Management System)?
    No problem. We've been building them in-house for many years based on the requirements of our happy clients. Our solution is highly adaptable and is installed in a custom format for each project. This way we can ensure you get the control you need based on the type of website we develop for you.

Past Projects involving web design:

We were asked to develop a website for the UK's exclusive distributor of an electronic bidet brand which is sold to more than 100 local authorities [more...]